A Catalyst or significant event is the master behind every new way of doing or thinking about things. The pandemic turned the triathlon world upside down for everyone who holds it dear.  

For many, the sport is hobby and outlet for stress, others a way to stay fit, for some the industry allows them to make a living. I have always viewed triathlon as a gift- not a have to, a get to.  We can’t take anything for granted.

The stress of the pandemic has been epic.  One of the coping mechanisms many of us turned to was gone. We didn’t get to anymore.  Would it come back? If it did, would it be the same? We looked to one another and the community for guidance.  Many races were cancelled, pushed back, cancelled again, and some never happened.  People were deflated.  We needed our tri drug, we needed to go back to work, we needed something normal, something to balance the stress and anxiety of the unknown monster.

We kept training, we ran our own triathlons, we had trophies made, we loved every minute and were grateful for the ability to move and feel.  We didn’t have a finishers shoot or a podium, but we supported one another and held on to a way of life we hold so dear. We still got to- it just looked different

2022 has eased restrictions and races are happening!  The scars of the pandemic aren’t healing for many.  We may never see mass starts again. But we get to race.  We now have check in times for all races, but we get to race.   Bikes and bike parts are still very hard to get, but we can ride our old ones.   Participation in the sport has declined, but we get to rebuild it.

The energy at events is electric.  We are grateful. We get to keep doing this!