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Members of the Athletic Movement Perfected and TriLabs communities now have exclusive access to product discounts from our growing list of partners and sponsors.

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A3 Performance

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A3 Performance is the fastest-growing brand of performance swimwear, swimming goggles, training equipment and accessories in the United States. “We are all about performance.”

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DNA Active Lifestyle Outfitters

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DNA (short for Dave & Andy) was founded in 2005 by former North Central College runners Dave Johnson and Andy Remley. Andy and Dave are passionate about making a positive impact in their community. “The focus at DNA is to provide our customers with the best selection of active lifestyle footwear and apparel online and in a unique storefront setting.”


INFINIT Performance Nutrition

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INFINIT is the world’s only 100% all-natural custom sports fuel company. INFINIT allows you to customize your nutrition for your body size, activity and sweat rate, and make it taste exactly how you like it.